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February 20, 2011


(Forcing Government to Obey the Legitimate Law of the Land)


Tinsley Grey Sammons


In 1992 the idea of Fellowships for Lawful Government came to me rather suddenly while watching an Assistant DA  render a victim of bad law. In those few minutes I realized with absolute clarity, that the ballot alone will never defend and perpetuate the American Ideal so eloquently expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

So then Folks, what can be done to enforce respect for the Unalienable Rights of the Individual along with Equal Protection of the Laws? It dawned on me that day in court that perhaps something called Fellowships for Lawful Government supported by a significant number of informed – and wanting to be informed – citizens in every jurisdiction could do the job.


If Americans are to secure the blessings of Liberty and Justice for All, they must do so by seeking redress via Sui Juris filings*; by employment of Informed Grand Juries that are aware of their Fifth Amendment guaranteed Presentment Power; and by Informed Petit Juries that are aware of their lawful power to judge the law as well as the fact. A juror should neither permit himself to be deceived, nagged, nor intimidated into violating his own conscience.


*One of the first obstacles that can and must be overcome is the illegitimate Filing Fee requirement. The requirement is an obstacle to the First Amendment’s redress of grievances clause, and therefore can be defeated on constitutional grounds.


Fellowships for Lawful Government could turn the rising tide of incremental tyranny presently engulfing the United States of America.


The de facto rule of America by juris doctors and career office holders must be terminated. However, nothing actually happens until it is On the Record and if members of the Brotherhood of Juris Doctors are to be excluded from legitimate efforts to acquire redress, then Sui Juris filings will be necessary. At least some, if not most, of the Fellowships for Lawful Government supporters should become competent law clerks.


The law is the weapon, the courtroom the battlefield, the judge your enemy and your lawyer is an enemy spy.

Michael H. Brown


It is wise to exclude attorneys . . . simply because they have been indoctrinated to respect the illegitimate Legal System that has supplanted the legitimate Law of the Land. Those of us who have a passion for Liberty and Justice must focus on these indoctrinated enemies of both:


The power of money invades every cell of the justice system and destroys its promise. — Gerry Spence


Lawyers are everywhere. They abound in our hamlets and swarm in our cities. They overcrowd our legislatures, flourish as the heads of state and, like dead fish too long in the water, rise to the top of our great corporations. — Gerry Spence


The Brotherhood of Juris Doctors wields great power. It is essentially that power that the Fellowships for Lawful Government must overcome and virtually destroy in detail.


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. –Thoreau


If no more than one in a thousand literate adults in each county, i. e. jurisdiction, in America would passionately support a Fellowship for Lawful Government, that should be enough to systematically enforce the legitimate Law of the Land which is facilitated by the Unanimous Declaration.



As in 1776, the time for the use of lawful* force has arrived. If it is lawfully employed, then the bloodshed that is a natural part of an armed revolution will not be necessary.


*Lawful and legal are not synonyms. There is an ethical element in lawful that is absent in legal. To be lawful, the thing in question must not offend a healthy conscience.


Skill in filing court papers should be a part of every civics study. If the worsening misrule of America by juris doctors, career politicians, and juris doctors who are career politicians, then Americans not of the Establishment nor favored by it, must use all of the lawful tools at their disposal.


It’s your court and your grand jury folks, use them bravely, intelligently and wisely. Keep foremost in your political thinking the fact that nothing lawful is certain to be enforced until it is On the Record. Know too, that with a Sui Juris filing, a single Citizen* has the potential power to speak the law** and record it there. With intelligent support from his Fellowship for Lawful Government he can safely create news that the mainstream media will eventually be unable to ignore. When that happens, it will signal the beginning of the end of the favor and privilege now enjoyed by the plundering parasites who presently rule America in systematic violation of the lawful principles upon which America is founded.



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**Thus juris-diction.


Tinsley Grey Sammons, (1936 –)



Endnote: A person has no moral authority to have the Government do anything to a fellow-human being that his own conscience or sense of justice would forbid him to do personally. With this in mind, how many Americans would force their way into a harmless neighbor’s home, handcuff him, cage him and confiscate his arbitrarily declared illicit substances? How many would then testify – or testiLIE – against him knowing that he might be incarcerated for years while his spouse and children fend for themselves as best they can during their loving father’s long absence?