Tinsley Grey Sammons

Seeking redress via filing court papers is a major part of the suggested plan to lawfully salvage the American Ideal. The other essential parts are Justice Fellowships and Grand Juries that are aware of their power to end corruption by employing their Fifth Amendment Presentment Power.

The Justice Fellowships’ first target should be the abolition of the unlawful filing fee requirement on the grounds that it is a constructed violation of the First Amendment’s redress of grievances clause.

As for Rights, a Politically Competent Individual clearly understands the difference between a right, a lawful privilege, and a crime committed under color of law.

Unalienable Rights are the natural rights that every human being is born with. The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness should be ruthlessly defended since an undefended right is no right at all.

The constructed Legal System that has supplanted the genuine Law of the Land must be destroyed in detail. If juris doctors and career politicians end up working for minimum wage on the serving lines of fast food providers, or working as hoppers for garbage collection businesses, that just might be where they really belong.


Permission to reprint in whole or in part is granted, provided full credit is given.

Tinsley Grey Sammons, 1936 —   is a self-educated Geezer with an abiding passion for liberty and justice. He served as an enlisted man during the Cold War and retired from his automobile service and repair business in 1998. He describes himself as a very angry, blue-collar-to-the-marrow curmudgeon. He and his wife settled in Gonzales, Louisiana after their home in St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


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