Tinsley Grey Sammons


The Drug War is a legal racket.

To perceive the awful truth one must follow the money trail. The core issue is not drugs themselves but the unalienable right to possess and use them. Prohibition is a racket that serves opportunists and parasites on both sides of the law. Drug Prohibition is gateway law that is proving instrumental in the systematic destruction of constitutional American liberty.

The philosophical limit to government power was established by the July 4, 1776 Action of the Second Continental Congress. That Action is in fact America’s Organic Law. Nothing that is repugnant to that Action has lawful Authority. Although such legal abominations do in fact exist, they do so only by the grace of public ignorance and acquiescence.

The persecution referred to as “The War on Drugs” will end when a significant number of Americans become aware of its criminal nature; when they become aware that it is an essential element of the constructed tyranny engulfing America; when they become aware that it is a major contributor to the legal system having become an extortion racket; and when they realize that choosing to self-medicate and/or pursue Happiness by chemical means is a natural right rather than something that can justly be declared a statutory crime.

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. –Thoreau

Wake up America, and strike the root.


Permission to reprint in whole or in part is granted, provided full credit is given.

Tinsley Grey Sammons, 1936 —  is a self-educated Geezer with an abiding passion for liberty and justice. He served as an enlisted man during the Cold War and retired from his automobile service and repair business in 1998. He describes himself as a very angry, blue-collar-to-the-marrow curmudgeon. He and his wife settled in Gonzales, Louisiana after their home in St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


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