(*shrug* Well, it’s the law)


Tinsley Grey Sammons


“Well, it’s the law.”

How many times have I heard that stupid expression of hopeless resignation when, to comfortably acquiesce in all laws it would be necessary for a person to assume that there are no bad ones.

Why does an individual acquiesce in laws that stifle his very nature? Bad law should not be merely avoided; it must be openly defied by more citizens than can possibly be arrested, jailed, impoverished or otherwise ruined by an unlawful Legal System that has supplanted the genuine Law of the Land.

Salvaging the American Ideal should begin with the elimination of filing fees and the repeal of Drug Prohibition. Drug Prohibition is nothing but a legal racket that serves parasites and opportunists on both sides of the law. At least the outlaw dealer/entrepreneurs give you something you want in exchange for your money, which makes them morally superior to the legal plunderers who take your money and give you nothing but more persecution in return.


Permission to reprint in whole or in part is granted, provided full credit is given.

Tinsley Grey Sammons, 1936-  is a self-educated Geezer with an abiding passion for liberty and justice. He served as an enlisted man during the Cold War and retired from his automobile service and repair business in 1998. He describes himself as a very angry, blue-collar-to-the-marrow curmudgeon. He and his wife settled in Gonzales, Louisiana after their home in St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.



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