Tinsley Grey Sammons




Why do lawfully free people acquiesce in statutes that stifle their very nature as human beings? Bad law should not be merely avoided, since mere avoidance does nothing to disabuse Americans of unjust government power; it should instead be openly defied by more citizens than can possibly be arrested, jailed, and law-impoverished.

On any given day—more so on weekends—millions of Americans will medicate themselves without permission and/or use recreational alternatives to ethyl alcohol. Most of the persons they encounter will never know that it happened . . . unless they hear it from the user himself. Nearly all of these millions of drug users will continue minding their own business while harmlessly going about their lives. They have committed no real crime and it is not within the lawful authority of government to punish them as though they had.

The Drug War is financial turf for the Judicial Industry along with a multitude of tax-supported parasites and defiant opportunists. At least, in a spirit of free enterprise, the defiant opportunists—commonly referred to as “drug dealers”—give you something that you want in exchange for your money.


Permission to reprint in whole or in part is granted, provided full credit is given.

Tinsley Grey Sammons, 1936 —  is a self-educated Geezer with an abiding passion for liberty and justice. He served as an enlisted man during the Cold War and retired from his automobile service and repair business in 1998. He describes himself as a very angry, blue-collar-to-the-marrow curmudgeon. He and his wife settled in Gonzales, Louisiana after their home in St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


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